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Registered AddZhangdian, Zibo city, Shandong province, China
Type of businessFiber Glass Backing - used for making Flap discs.
Main MarketGloble
BrandGesun Abrasives
Number of Employees150 people
Annual salesUSD 700,00,00


Gesun International Inc-Abrasives Industry-Professional manufacturer of fiberglass backing (Flap disc backing plates/pad) in China.

We have integration progress from fiberglass cloth weaving, resin dipping, punching and pressing to finished backing pad in our own plant with strict quality control to achieve above standard of OSA,BS EN13743 and ANSI.

Our advantage —on Equipment:
①Weaving machinery for fiberglass cloth: 60 sets
②Resin-dipping equipment: 3 sets
③Punches:4 sets
④Drying oven: 12 sets
⑤Automatic pressing metal ring equipment:12 sets
⑥Aluminum plates: 500,000pcs
Additionally with all the professional testing devices: 
Testing issues:
                ①Pulling strength of cloth
                ②Resin content                  
                ③Rotate speed
                ④Size: outer/ borehole/thickness 

Type: T27/T29.
Size: 90mm, 95mm,100mm,107mm,117mm,140mm,170mm. (Special sizes would be ordered also)
Production capacity: 3.6 millions pcs/month.

Gesun Abrasives - Well designed and Well produced, Your Reliable & Stronger partner!